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Generator Maintenance & Monitoring

Looking for a local Generac Authorized Sales/Service Dealer to maintain your generator? For a little more than $1/day I provide a semiannual agreement that includes two maintenance visits a year with cellular monitoring to keep your generator up and running.

This includes all the items listed on your generator maintenance schedule (located in your owner’s manual). Some maintenance items are done more frequently than your generators schedule due to service bulletins received from Generac. All maintenance items to be performed are shown for each of the two visits on the schedule provided with the agreement.

What exactly sets this agreement apart from others?
  • House access is almost never required!
  • Mobile Link 4G LTE cellular monitors (Which remotely monitor the generators status and send up to 40 different alerts via email or text) are installed on all the generators that have annual maintenance agreements. The device (made by Generac) is installed on the generator exterior (similar to a cell phone) and communicates via Verizon Wireless. The customer can view their generator anytime via the MobileLink app or through the web portal at
  • Mobile Link subscriptions are maintained by me, so there's nothing additional the owner needs to do. Weekly exercise confirmation emails are sent out to the owner of the generator.
  • Customers with PM agreements get priority service over those that don’t, including discounted parts if out of warranty.
  • Factory trained Generac Air Cooled Service Technician/Master Electrician in MA will be performing all work.
  • Not only is the unit wiped down internally on each visit, but it is cleaned externally once a year.
  • The generators black iron exterior gas piping is treated with rust converter and painted when applicable.
  • The generators black iron exterior gas piping is checked for leaks on each visit.
  • A load transfer is done on each visit. This is done in the unlikely event you have a mechanical or electrical issue that affects the operation of your transfer switch.
  • Magneto output voltage is checked on each visit (a two-cylinder engine can run on just one cylinder and you wouldn't know it unless the generator was loaded).
  • When the installed Mobile Link alerts me of an outage, a report is then filed with the serving utility (Eversource) to let them know there is an outage at the residence. This ensures that power will be restored in short order in the event your house is the only one that is affected.
  • After 24hrs of continuous runtime the owner is notified that a shutdown procedure should be performed (this is noted in your owner’s manual).
  • Generac Branded Synthetic 5W-30 is used on all generators serviced.
  • Batteries (invoiced separately) are proactively replaced on a PM visit to avoid the extra labor/travel costs associated with a failure at another time.
  • Firmware updates to Evolution style controllers are performed if available on each PM visit. This provides enhancements to its operation to eliminate the possibility of certain alarms that may present themselves due to several factors. These updates are only available to Generac Authorized Service Dealers (IASD).
  • Diatomaceous Earth is used to dissuade insects from nesting in the electronics (controllers damaged by insects are not covered by warranty, and that is why it's done).
  • Only Generac units are maintained and serviced and therefore only genuine Generac replacement parts are available to be used.
  • There is only one maintenance plan available. I believe it is not in the best interest of the customer to just visit once a year and not monitor the generator remotely.

Below is a list of Cape Cod towns that I provide preventative maintenance:

  • Brewster
  • Chatham
  • Dennis
  • Eastham
  • Harwich
  • Orleans
  • Truro
  • Wellfleet

NOTE: The towns selected give me a small radius in which to better serve my customers.